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Fuchsia is a strange and comedic point-and-click puzzle adventure, with witty dialogue and an intriguing story. Discover the grand mystery behind the strange island that you wake up on. The island's great secret isn't a smoke monster or an ancient fraternal rivalry, but it may just blow your socks off.

Along the way of our character's journey, you'll hear his whole catalog of obnoxiously pun-tastic whit, which is certainly not juxtaposed to the atmosphere of the island. Fuchsia uses its unique music and art style to create an atmosphere not only of mystery and intrigue, but also of hilarity and absurdity. 

The game's puzzles, just like the atmosphere, exude uniqueness. While they will, no doubt, at times leave the player thinking long and hard, the puzzles are always fair and sensible. They are easy enough for any player to be capable of solving them with enough time, yet difficult enough for every player to feel satisfied at every point of progression.

Fuchsia takes place in three distinct sections (or "chapters"), and takes approximately one to two hours to complete. Completion time will, of course, vary based on how long the player takes to solve each puzzle.

This is our first game ever, so we really hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much to everyone who plays it!


Find yourself stuck on a puzzle? 

Check out this walkthrough of Fuchsia on our website: 




  • Simon Ward - lead developer


  • Simon Ward - lead artist
  • Charlotte Ward - secondary artist

Puzzle Design

  • Charlotte Ward - lead puzzle designer
  • Simon Ward - secondary puzzle designer

Music/Sound Design

  • Simon Ward - lead composer
  • James Ward - song contributor
  • John Ward - song contributor
  • Zapsplat.com - sound effects provider 

Voice Acting

  • Caleb Sanders - lead role
  • Simon Ward - other characters


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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Fuchsia-Windows.zip 287 MB
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Fuchsia Soundtrack.zip 14 MB

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im already stuck but this is such a greatly made game, good job! (any help on how to do something at the start?)

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Thank you so much! If you get stuck, you can go to this walkthrough here: https://hambuggames.wixsite.com/fuchsiagame/walkthrough. Where in particular are you stuck at?



Thank you so much!


довольно не плохо)


not bad

Thanks so much for playing it! Sorry, I don't speak (I believe it was) Russian, but I hope you enjoyed the game!


This is the best game ever played so far

Wow, so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the great feedback!

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Just finished the game today. Puzzles were intuitive but not too obvious. The art style I really liked, it was a surreal mix of roughly drawn pixel art and realistic textures, which worked really well together in the premise of the game. I liked that the whole game is floating in space.

The story was really great too, a few funny moments and everything came together very neatly at the end. Can't comment on the sound because I played with it off, but I'm going to do a second play through so I will do a sound-on run!

Something I might like is if we could have a way of viewing all things we can inspect or interact with. Some things, like the wires in the tree in Chapter 1, I just totally missed because it was off to the corner of the screen.


Wow, thanks so much for the kind words!!! Yeah, I had thought about the idea where when you hover over objects in the game, words come up. I definitely may add that in some day. Thanks for the great feedback!


This is really fun game, I love it

Thanks for the kind words! So glad you love it


Wow, this is a great puzzle game

Thank you so much!