Fuchsia - The Final Update

Wow. This is an update I've been meaning to do for a long time now. But it's finally done. Fuchsia's final update is finally released. This is the end of a long long journey, and I thank you to all who have joined us on it. With Fuchsia being the first game I've ever made, it's been an incredible learning experience, and I look forward so much to the future of this game development journey. Speaking of which, if you want to continue following us on this game dev journey, feel free to check out the page for our other game that we've just started developing, Lula's Capehttps://hambug-games.itch.io/lulas-cape. Anyways, thank you again so much to all who have supported us over the past few years! Now, go play some games!

Hambug Games wishing you the best gaming experience! Bye for now!


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70 days ago
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70 days ago

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Thank you!


i saw your game on game jolt before... it's already finished? wow

Indeed it is :)